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Milla Ficons

Exploring the World Brought to Life by a Beautiful Actress

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Fanfic and Icons for the Acting Roles of Milla Jovovich

What is the next step in Alice's fight against the Umbrella Corporation? What if Richard and Lilli had gotten on the ship and returned to civilization? Now that Leeloo has destroyed the enemy, can she have a happy life with Korban? Is Fangora's calling really Klesmer music? What if Jack hadn't turned Erin in that day?

What is Milla Ficons? The premiere place to find fan fiction and icons for any and all of Milla Jovovich's acting roles. Any genre, length, and style is welcome, as long as it is original work and appropriately listed. Even crossovers and other forms of fanart are welcome! Have an idea for a story, or a challenge you'd like to give other writers and artists? Post it!

Do we accept fiction based on the actress herself? Sorry, no, you'll have to get your fix for that somewhere else.

Looking for affiliation? Drop an email to tainted-crimson@livejournal.com.

nicole9514 (Nicole's Creative Musings)

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I just want to make one really good movie a year.
And when I die, to know I was honest as an artist.

-- Milla Jovovich